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March 08, 2011

Guguletu Wine Festival scheduled for May 27 and 28

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The Guguletu Wine Festival has now been scheduled to take place on May 27 and 28, 2011, on the rooftop of Gugulethu Square Mall in Gugulethu (otherwise spelt Guguletu, and taken from the isiXhosa phrase igugu lethu, which means “our pride”).

Mzoli Ngcawuzele, owner of Mzoli’s Place and co-founder of the festival, is very excited about the event’s potential. According to a press release issued by Hot Salsa Media, he says, “Now that we have hired the right people, we are ready to go. We all have a passion for wine and professionalism in business. There will be approximately 50 wine exhibitors, wine lounges, big brand sponsors and around 2 000 visitors over the two days. This is a glamorous affair of top businesspeople and celebrities in Guguletu and Cape Town.”

Ngcawuzele has sourced the help of Marilyn Cooper, co-founder of the Soweto Wine Festival and managing director of the Cape Wine Academy, in arranging the event.

Lungile Mbalo, spokesperson and co-founder of the Guguletu Wine Festival, says, “Getting a professional team together seemed like the logical decision as we want to see this festival grow in the same vein as the Soweto Wine Festival. We have learnt that you only ever work with people that have the same passion as you. It is time to raise the wine glass in Guguletu. We have the beautiful people, the class, character and the desire to enjoy wine and its lifestyle.”

Visit the Guguletu Wine Festival Facebook page for more information.

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