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April 30, 2009

Muizenberg safety initiative hosts community workshop


Muizenberg police station. Photo courtesy Andrew Deacon

Safer Together will be hosting a community workshop in May for all who are interested in ensuring a safer Muizenberg. The workshop will be led by Barbara Holtmann, vice president of the Canadian-based International Centre for Prevention of Crime .

Safer Together is a community awareness initiative driven by local residents of the Greater Muizenberg area, which includes Kalk Bay, St James, Muizenberg, Marine Estate, Marina Da Gama, Vrygrond, Hillview, Seawinds, Overcome Heights, Costa Da Gama, Fisherman’s Village (the new seafront development), Pelican Heights, Sharedon Park, Coniston Park, Stonehurst Estate, Lakeside and Orchard Village.

The initiative is aimed at raising awareness of crime and safety issues affecting the area. It also aims to unite the disparate social groups of Muizenberg, raise funds for a victims support comfort room in Muizenberg police stations, and support local neighbourhood watch group.

The workshop will be held on May 14, at the Muizenberg Pavilion, between 18h30 and 21h00. In order to ensure the workshop is accessible to all Muizenberg residents, the entrance fee will be only R10, but attendees are encouraged to make a donation to the Safer Together Community Safety Fund if possible. Attendees are also asked to bring a plate of eats to share.

More details, as well as a biography of our speaker, are available as a downloadable pdf document. If you would like to attend, please RSVP by May 8 to Margaret 021 788 3334, marg@africanidiom.com.

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