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August 26, 2009

Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society launches curator training programme


Rhodes Cottage Museum

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa now only a matter of months away, Muizenberg’s Historical Conservation Society is making plans to upgrade the museums under its curatorship and to open to the public on a more regular basis.

The Rhodes Cottage Museum will be running special training for curators next month and would like to hear from volunteer curators who wish to attend the course. Guest lecturers will present a wide and informative variety of topics on the life and death of Cecil John Rhodes.

The course will take place at Rhodes Cottage Museum over a Friday and Saturday in mid-September for about 5½ hours a day, and will include lunch and teas.

The curator training is offered free of charge and a maximum of 10 applicants will be selected for the first course. Successful trainees must be prepared to curate at Rhodes Cottage Museum on a regular basis. Subject to demand, additional courses will be offered later in the year.

Application forms are available from Joye Gibbs on 082 425 3092.

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