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February 16, 2013

Morning has broken in Cape Town – a photo essay

It's the start of a new day in Cape Town, and all over the Peninsula people are starting to stir.

The Mother City is beautiful at any time of the day, but particularly so at sunrise, when it is bathed in glorious hues of pink, orange and gold.

Thanks to the photographers who have contributed to this photo essay, you don't have to rise with the birds to see it!

A pink-violet hue shines over the sleeping Cape Town. Photo courtesy of coda

Golden rays force their way into the sky over False Bay. Photo courtesy of Steve Crane

The Cape Town city centre is bathed in dawn's light. Photo courtesy of coda

Fire-skies over the False Bay coast. Photo courtesy of slack12

Morning peeps out from behind Devil's Peak. Photo courtesy of coda

A painted sunrise over Newlands. Photo courtesy of RobW_

The dawn banishes the night. Photo courtesy of mallix

The start of the working day in Table Bay Harbour. Photo courtesy of dorena-wm

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