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June 13, 2010

More 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Football Fans Arrive at Cape Town International Airport - Photos

international arrivals

Throngs of 2010 FIFA World Cup™ fans arrived at Cape Town International Airport this morning from all corners of the globe: London (UK), Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with flights from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Dubai (UAE), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) following close on their wings. Here are some pictures of the morning, and of the Diski dancers who welcomed the foreign arrivals. Photos by Ingrid Sinclair.

international arrivals japan

This Japanese family, who live in Tokyo, were very happy to spot the information desks in the arrivals terminal. The volunteers on duty are extremely helpful, especially when language barriers make communication challenging.

international arrivals australia

With language not being a problem, this Australian pair headed straight for the Cape Town Tourism information desk, where they found accommodation options, entertainment line-ups and transportation solutions.

international arrivals diski dance

This jubilant sight welcomed foreigners as they got outside. Cape Town Tourism’s Diski dancers were equipped with vuvuzelas, loud music and plenty of soccer spirit.

international arrivals portugal

These outfits practically screamed, “Photograph me!” and mark the arrival of the Portuguese contingent. Welcome to Cape Town!

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