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June 12, 2009

Mobile library education project in Khayelitsha – A Cape Town Tourism photo essay


How nice to see children’s big smiles and curious eyes! As a supporter of Mobile Library, a joint project between a Japanese NGO and the South African Ministry of Education, I visited
primary schools in Cape Town’sKhayelitsha


Literacy is very important in order for people to be able to participate in society, but a large number of schools do not have libraries, and even if they do, the stock of books is far below satisfactory.

Also, it is unfortunate that most of the learners in the township (though it is no fault of their own) come from homes where there are no books and where their parents cannot read or write.


In the Western Cape, four mobile libraries are in operation, serving more than 60 primary schools. There is a donation plan in place to increase the number of vehicles to 50 throughout South Africa in three years.

Mobile libraries are narrowing the gap in communities where there is a shortage of reading materials and poor access to public and community libraries.


A portrait of a mother. Her child is a learner at one of the primary schools I visited and she kindly let us visit her room. Nice wallpaper!


Another portrait of mothers. No parents are unhappy to see their kids read more books. A book-rich environment even makes educators more creative.

Everyone engaged in the Mobile Library project is getting more and more experienced, and they are welcomed by the community.

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Images © Hirohiko Okada aka 1/8 sec 2009

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