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December 14, 2010

MCQP 2010 brings Flower Power to Cape Town Stadium

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Photo courtesy Red Carpet Concepts

Beautiful, vibrant and memorable ... can you think of a more fitting description for the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP)? The biggest costume and lifestyle party of the year, MCQP 2010 is set to rock Cape Town on Saturday, December 18.

The legendary annual MCQP parties have attracted thousands of partygoers each year for the past 16 years. They are applauded for their creative themes and excellent organisation; these guys know how to host a great party!

With “Flower Power” as its theme and the impressive Cape Town Stadium as its venue, MCQP 2010 promises to be bigger – and greener – than ever before. Expect partygoers dressed as peace-loving hippies – think tie-dye T-shirts, bell-bottom jeans and layers of jewellery – and other characters embodying the floral world to flock to the stadium for an all-night party like no other.

Spectacular entertainment planned for the evening includes a ’70s-dedicated disco, “Gay Anthems” cabaret dance floor, live bandstand featuring Johannesburg band Flash Republic, hippie trance dance floor and an “X Factor” live stage. Adding a mysterious element to the flamboyant bash is the “Big Reveal”, an exclusive surprise event with a strong gay focus. What it may be is anyone’s guess, but wouldn’t you just love to be there to find out?

I’ve wanted to attend the MCQP event for years and I can’t wait to feel the love at the Flower Power party! MCQP 2010 is sure to be blooming fantastic.

The fun starts at 20h00.Tickets are available from Cape Town Tourism’s Visitor Information Centres, so get yours now!

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