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July 05, 2010

Marimba magic at Cape Town International Airport

hlanganani airport

The Hlanganani Traditional Band at Cape Town International Airport. Photos by Ingrid Sinclair

Cape Town International Airport was blessed with a flurry of beautiful, wood-driven music on Friday, July 2, when the Hlanganani Traditional Band from Langa in Cape Town took to their marimbas and drums, and wowed everyone who passed the scene.

Full of smiles and cheerfully dressed up in traditional garb and face paint, the six high-energy marimba players managed to reel in arriving tourists, departing visitors and airport staff members on their break with their upbeat performance.

Soon enough, the space around them on the transport plaza was brimming with eager amateur photographers, and everyone who had a recording device – camera, cellphone or video camera – whipped it out to take a piece of the soulful jive with them.

The highly interactive show was a real treat for anyone who happened to catch it, and what a supreme African welcome to visitors it was! The players and the audience were all smiles, clapping along and dancing with each other in time to the rhythm.

The Hlanganani Traditional Band (hlanganani means “unite” in isiXhosa) was formally established in 2005 and combines marimba, drums and percussion with singing to create enthralling Afro-pop.

Hearing them is a real treat and yet another example of a proudly African 2010 FIFA World Cup™ moment.

hlanganani airport
onlookers hlanganani airport
hlanganani airport
hlanganani airport
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