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February 01, 2012

Making it different at J&B Met 2012

Cape Town Tourism\'s Fuad Peters and his partner, Edwill Meyer, at the J&B Met 2012. Photo courtesy Top Billing

Fuad Peters of Cape Town Tourism tells us about his fashionable J&B Met 2012 experience.

It was a busy start to 2012 for my partner and I, with much going on on the social scene! I never thought I would attend the annual J&B Met, though. However, this year I was lucky enough to win tickets through work.

We were requested to submit an entry as to what Cape Town style means to us. This was my winning entry: “Style is not just a look; it is an attitude, it is creativity, it is a difference with a visual aspect, an individualistic persona and aura created by the way you portray the things you do to the world! Style in Cape Town has an overflowing, intermingled and creative flare that is so unique and diverse, just as the very people we are, that makes the pulse beat to the rhythm of all genres of style, and this is what feeds my soul!”

Winning the tickets just less two weeks before the event had us in a spin as to what to wear, as the event is always portrayed as very glitzy and glamorous. I loved what I had been seeing on the summer runways in the fashion world, and decided maybe I should go for the chino shorts and light summer shirt look. But I was glad I never actually went for that look as it was the order of the day among a good number of the male fraternity at this year's J&B Met.

Looking at the theme, I thought a bit and felt if it is to be “Made Different”, then I should attend in something that is not the usual for this event. I decided on bright, bold summer colours that perfectly matched the character and visionary expression of Cape Town Tourism’s colourful rainbow!

A five-hour shopping experience at Canal Walk was quite exhausting, but fun at the same time, and I eventually ended up with something I thought would definitely be different. My partner, Edwill Meyer, and I ended up with bright, bold skinny jeans and rose-printed matching coloured shirts. To accessorise we went for feathers and some bling, which was a good combination, and put together in the right way, finished off our “Made Different" look!

By 9am on the morning of January 28, the day of the Met, the sun was starting to show, and the day turned out to be a scorcher – which was made hotter by all the beautiful people and fashionable garments. There was a carnival feel to the event, but with a touch more glamour and style, and a big buzz of excitement.

Walking to the main stage and grandstand was interesting, with a number of fashionable garments on show! The media were already taking every opportunity to get some good shots and video footage, and we were even asked to pose for their cameras, setting the mood for the day quite nicely.

A few hours later we were approached by scouts for the semifinals of the most-elegant-couple competition, and then we were off to the main stage to see if we were to be chosen as one of the finalists! After the pre-judging we were chosen among the 16 finalists. As we headed to the stage, the crowd cheered, cameras flashed and there were requests for poses to be held a bit longer. Unfortunately we didn't end up winning any prizes, but the fact that we were one of the finalists for the most elegant couple at the J&B Met 2012 was reward enough.

The rest of the day consisted of more cantering around the great spaces, more pics and some great eats. (Another interesting incident for us was the escape of a metre-long mole snake from the Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area exhibition, which was showcasing wildlife and plants in the middle of the race track. And I finally got to see an endangered leopard toad.)

The experience of the Met was very different from I thought it would be – it is not only for the rich and famous, or the Joneses of the world! It is a must-do event on the Cape Town social calendar. Although I did not bet on the races, I found the fashion and experience of the event addictive – we are already planning for and have ideas about next year's event.

Some advice I can give to those who have not made up their mind about attending is to just go for it; do what you feel best and most comfortable with, and who knows – you might just be chosen in the most elegant couple competition as well!

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