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August 02, 2013

Make History: Name Your Hood

Name Your Hood is an unofficial marketing drive started by local boys Bruce Good and Nic Lamond to stir up some community spirit; to peel away the layers of geography, history and culture of each of the neighbourhoods in the city and to give local communities the opportunity to submit names that they feel are truest to the nature of their hood.  A bonus is that this will also make the city easier to navigate and bring your pizza to your door much faster. It is no coincidence that Mr Delivery is one of the official sponsors.

Image courtesy of Name Your Hood

Hood 8 is bordered by Roeland Street, Mill Street and Hatfield Street. Home to one of the finest examples of Cape Dutch architecture, Rust en Vreugd; much loved watering holes Perseverance Tavern or “Persies” as the regulars call it and the Kimberley Hotel, the area is an eclectic mix of history and modernity. The National Archives building in Roeland Street was once the Roeland Street Prison, eternalised by the Cape Minstrels with the popular song ‘Roelandstraat’ in which the singer bemoans the fact that he was at the magistrate’s door yet again. Anti-apartheid political activists like Dulcie September and writer Alex la Guma were also detained at the Roeland Street prison and as the site of the first slave rebellion in 1808, it is a key landmark on our road to democracy.

The hip and well-heeled were out in force and Sinawo, a young trend-spotter for Philip Morris, who lives down the road from Wembley described the event “Perfect. The venue is amazing, music is just right and people are dressed in relaxed mid-week style. I love that the word hood doesn’t have a negative ghetto connotation any more. Black people and white people are claiming their hoods!” Founder Bruce Good was very pleased with the turn-out citing the hibernation factor in Cape Town in winter as cause for worry for any event host. And if you were wondering which area he calls home, Mouille Point is Bruce’s hood. 

When asked how he felt about performing at the event beloved Greenmarket Square busker, Goodman Nono laughed and said “Beautiful!”  I couldn’t agree more Goodman; watching people get excited and proud about where they live is a beautiful thing.

How it Works:

• Submit a name for your hood along with a motivation on the Name Your Hood website . Submissions close on 30 August.
• See if there are other names that you like and click ‘support’.
• Cast your vote for your favourite names from the panel’s shortlist. Voting opens on 12 September and closes on 8 October.
• Hood 8’s name will be revealed on 25 October and glasses raised to it at the Celebration of Hoods Party with the Cape Town Music Festival on 1 and 2 November. For more information, follow @nameyourhood on Twitter or Like Name Your Hood on Facebook.

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