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October 08, 2013

#lovecapetown, Love Food!

Mmmm,. international foodie blogger Rachelle Lucas has been on a taste sensation adventure around #lovecapetown.

Our #lovecapetown food blogger, Rachelle Lucas, recently spent a week exploring Cape Town’s diverse culinary scene. From dinners in chefs’ private cellars and an eight-course meal with The Creamery, to a V&A Waterfront Foodie Tour and roadside stops for local favourites, Rachelle has experienced a taste sensation!

This is Rachelle’s experience of a Bo-Kaap cooking safari.

And here are few historical foodie gems that Rachelle's discovered on her culinary tour of #lovecapetown:

• After hundreds of years of produce-growing, wine making and ocean trawling, Cape Town has mastered a perfect blend of food and wine, with magical wineland vistas and cool coastal hangouts that will soothe and relax the soul.

• Our Mother City also offers up a multitude of weekend food markets with everything from organic produce to slow food and farm fresh meats, gourmet deli delights, confectionary creations and exotic ingredients.

• Some #lovecapetown tour companies offer interactive food safaris, boasting cooking sessions with locals. And if its food on the move that you’re after try one of Cape Town’s pop up food trucks.

• Best of all is Cape Town traditional cuisine offerings, including: Cape Malay cuisine - born of the cookery that Middle Eastern slaves brought to the Cape in the 1700’s; Indian dishes brought to the country during the nineteenth century; African staples such as corn and maize, prepared in different ways, and of course meat; and lastly, Afrikaans foods that are based on Dutch cuisine, with contributions from French and German immigrant communities and the Cape Malay population.

Rachelle took to her social platforms to show how much she loves the Mother City's culinary delights:

“A very elegant dinner with a view overlooking the waterfront at The Table Bay #lovecapetown”

“Salty like the sea :) Nothing like some hake and chips while taking in a beach view #lovecapetown”

“One of my favorite moments ... learning to make samoosas, curry, and roti with Amina. #lovecapetown”

“Finally saw a Gatsby. Oh. My. Word. How did it get named a Gatsby? #LoveCapeTown iPhone is there to show the ridonculous size.”

“Just had an entire 8 course meal of sweet and savory ice cream. Heaven! @TheCreamerySA #lovecapetown This one is a chorizo ice cream (yes, I said chorizo) with baked apples and candied bacon. Yummeh!!!”


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