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October 04, 2013

#LoveCapeTown bloggers get acquainted with #WDC2014

With only three months to go until Cape Town officially begins its World Design Capital 2014 celebrations our #lovecapetown bloggers headed for Langa and Grassy Park to find out what the title is all about.

Our #lovecapetown bloggers Rachelle Lucas and Carol More have been discovering what our World Design Capital 2014 designation means. Photo by Carol More

As they found out - for the Mother City it is about more than just pretty objects. From low cost housing solutions to environmental centres and handy public spaces, #WDC2014 is an opportunity to encourage the transformation of #lovecapetown into a more sustainable and inclusive city, through design. The tagline is “Live Design. Transform Life.” and the year’s themes are:

• African Innovation. Global Conversation
• Bridging The Divide
• Today For Tomorrow
• Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things

There are six #WDC2014 signature events taking place from now until the end of 2014. Don’t miss the “New Years Eve of Design” bash on the Grand Parade on 31 December!

We tweeted on Monday “#lovecapetown bloggers @TravelBlggr & @follow_colours are getting a @WDC2014 education with @coffeebeansrout today! Check back here for updates”

And what an education it was. With some fun thrown in, of course!

#lovecapetown blogger Carol More, @follow_colours, tweeted: “Just a note from World Design Capital #lovecapetown #WDC2014” 

Rachelle Lucas, @TravelBlggr, said; “Hannah with @capetowntourism getting a big hug during our walk in Langa. #lovecapetown #WDC2014 

And that’s not all… “#2014 will be a BIG year for #LoveCapeTown .Not only is our city @WDC2014 we, along with @GoToSouthAfrica, will celebrate 20 years of democracy!”

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