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September 16, 2011

Loerie Awards 2011 registration: No haters here

The Loeries Festival Weekend officially kicked off today with registration at The Grand Daddy Hotel and the Slave Church in Long Street.

I popped over to check out the action and pick up my goodie bag. The atmosphere was electric, if not a bit zany.

Loeries Welcome

At The Venue at The Grand Daddy Hotel I was greeted at the door by two lovely ladies proffering shots of cherry- and chocolate-flavoured vodka to get one into the spirit of the Loeries. Refusing is futile, and after knocking back one too many (just one, actually), I headed over to register for the weekend’s events.

Photo booth Loeries

But hold on a minute. Before announcing my name, I was “encouraged” to have a happy snap taken to commemorate the occasion. A welcome to the Loeries indeed.

After being dazed by the flash, I headed upstairs to seek that elusive registration table.

Registration Loeries

Eureka! A welcome sign announcing the Loeries and encouraging me not to be a hater.

Loeries Registration

The registration area was abuzz with anticipation for the weekend ahead.

VIP Loeries

In the VIP section I encountered an exceedingly happy group – and the weekend was yet to start.

Loeries Media Registration

Turns out us media types have a special registration area, where I was helped by these friendly and efficient ladies.

Goodie Bag Collect

I made it out of the venue (just one more for the road – this time a tequila), dazed by a combination of flash photography and strong alcohol. But I was not done yet. Goodie bag time.

Goodie Bag

The Slave Church has been host to many functions over the years, most recently the Pan African Space Station. This time it was the venue where one could pick up an exclusive goodie bag courtesy of the Loeries’ sponsors.

Loeries Badge

And then I was out. A half-an-hour or less of my lunch break and all I got was this awesome bag of crap. But don’t get me wrong. I ain’t being a hater, yo!

Visit our dedicated Loeries page or click here for full information on the Festival Weekend. Also visit our blog regularly as we provide constant updates during the weekend.

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