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June 04, 2009

One Year To Kick-Off – Live it! Love it! Louder!


Louder isn’t just noise.

Loud is bold colours, big personalities and vibrant culture. Loud is the statement we want to make as Cape Town, the hippest city to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Cape Town is calling you, your family, friends, colleagues, schools and businesses to join our Live it! Love it! Louder! campaign and celebrate One Year To Kick-Off in true Cape Town style.

On THURSDAY JUNE 11, AT 12 NOON, the Cape Town Tourism team will be kicking a ceremonial football off Table Mountain to the sound of the noon gun. We want you to join in the fun and make your own statement, wherever you are, by dressing loud and making some noise… We’re thinking hooting, blowing your whistles and vuvuzelas and shouting “laduma”. But you may have some better ideas to Live It! Love It! Louder! Go for it!

Send your Live It! Love It! Louder! photos to 2010@capetown.travel and we will add them to our blog.

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