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May 26, 2009

Lend a helping hand this winter


Kids in Khayelitsha Township, photo courtesy killthebird

While you snuggle in front of your fireplace under that fluffy blanket, sipping hot chocolate, please take a moment and think about those less fortunate than you.

Homeless children are part of our everyday life. We pass them at traffic lights, on our way to the supermarket. Sometimes we pass them on highways.

Our slogan is “Cape Town. Live it. Love it” – well, the author Joel Osteen said in his book, Your Best Life Begins Each Morning, “Love is not love unless you give it away.” That means meeting someone else’s needs.

This winter, you can give some of that love away and volunteer in an organisation that works with homeless people.

Come over to Hlanganani Children Care Network and help make an orphan’s day by spending some quality time with the kids.

Help out at a soup kitchen or donate some of those clothes that are gathering dust in the garage. Your gift doesn’t have to be a slice of bread – it can be a chat too.

During your lunch hour, spend 15 minutes visiting the Helping Kids website and see which organisations you can help in your community.

As the website says, no contribution is too big or too small; every individual has a valuable contribution to make.

So you could be donating cash or a necessary skill at a particular centre that will help brighten a child’s day. Visit the Cape Gateway website and see which organisation you can lend a helping hand to.

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