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March 08, 2013

Cape Argus 2013: Two ladies to ride their 30th race

Janet Moss and Marje Hemp will tackle their 30th Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour on Sunday. Photo supplied

For 29 years Janet Moss and Marje Hemp cycled the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour without ever meeting each other. This year, the two will set off alongside each other, as they commemorate their 30th race together.

They form part of a group of very special women: there are 90 of them who have completed the race 20 times, of whom 25 have cycled it 24 or more times.

"We are the terrific 25," Moss, 61, says. A track cyclist, Moss has represented South Africa in seven World Championships. She is a 500-metre specialist and says she uses the cycle tour as one of her training tools. She has just recovered from having a knee ligament replaced, and says she is "just about ready" for the race. "I will finish, I can't not do," she states.

Moss, who lives in Hout Bay, and Hemp, 62, who lives in Pinelands, recently met for the first time and so will together celebrate their 30th tour. They have been invited to join the Safe Cycling Group and will wearing yellow-and-red shirts. Hemp said of the group: "This is a great initiative, made even more important since the death of Burry Stander."

"I am very excited about doing my 30th Argus Cycle Tour this year. I would also like to inspire other women to keep cycling and enjoy many more Argus tours," Hemp says.

Each year both women look forward to the tour, which they say is always well-organised and supported by spectators. Hemp also says she is thankful that a substantial amount of the race proceeds go to charity.


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