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January 31, 2013

Kogelbaai – Flickr pic of the day

This moody and unusual shot of Kogelbaai (which literally means "provocative bay" in Afrikaans) was taken by our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group member Paul Bruins, aka Panorama Paul.

Says Paul, who is one of one of Cape Town's finest landscape photographers, “It was a typical summer’s day in Cape Town, with a howling south-easterly wind and hazy, cloudless skies, so what was an enthusiastic landscape photographer to do? While driving home from the office I noticed a thin band of cloud hanging over the mountains at Kogelbaai. That’s when a thought occurred to me, could those mountains shield me from the wind? I decided to go and take look.

"Unfortunately the wind was even stronger than ever when I arrived in Gordon’s Bay, but as soon as I drove around a bend along the coastal road to Pringle Bay, the wind dropped completely! My hunch had paid off, I had both clouds and perfectly windless conditions! So I parked my car at Dappat Se Gat, walked down to the beach, and spent the next couple of hours photographing everything in sight. This particular photo was captured about 15 minutes after sunset.”

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