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June 04, 2009

Kite-surfing – the rush between the rests


One of Cape Town’s nicknames is “Slaapstad”, which roughly translated means “sleeping town”.

And yes, we’re very laid-back and our pace is slower than some other cities’, but we still have lots of ways to get that adrenaline rush.

One of these fun factors is the sport of kite-surfing.

In Cape Town the water and wind conditions along the coast give you quite a wide choice of places to enjoy this activity.


Although it’s an adrenaline sport, the kite-surfer community is friendly and relaxed, and everyone is welcome to try it out.

It is a sociable sport as you often need a helping hand to land the kite and you can easily meet new people by approaching them to assist you.

Kite-surfing is generally safe if you have a few lessons first.


There haven’t been any reports of kite-surfers being attacked by sharks, although some have seen sharks.

And Cape Town has a successful shark-spotting programme to help you avoid any danger.

Kite-surfers can be creative with various tricks and manoeuvres, so why not get out there and feel the freedom? 

For more information on kite-surfing in Cape Town, contact any of the Cape Town Tourism Visitor Centres or visit www.hiflykites.co.za.

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