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August 21, 2009

Kirstenbosch Gardens – A Cape Town Tourism Flickr photo essay

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is beautiful throughout the year. Harris Steinman has captured this in the series of flower photographs below.


Limestone sugarbush – Protea obtusifolia

Harris says, “When we walk around Kirstenbosch the physical act of seeing is modified and affected by all our other senses, as well as by subconscious memories and emotions of previous events in our lives. For one person a particular vista may stimulate recollection of an intense romantic interlude, while for another individual the same scene may generate feelings of displeasure. I have no doubt that every visual impression triggers an emotional response, possibly only unconscious and minor, but present nevertheless.


Chironia linoides

“Such emotional responses are not only influenced by the whole scene but may be subtly adjusted by elements such as colour, shape, pattern or texture in our surroundings. The mood or emotion evoked may be brief and fleeting, but if one is able stay a while these feelings may grow perceptibly.


Pincushion spray – Leucospermum cordifolium x

“I have no idea how the images came about – I did not follow a predetermined plan or formula but over a period of several years responded subjectively to the visual impressions offered to me in Kirstenbosch: to the interplay between light and shade, to plant shape and structure, to colour, pattern and texture, and to the elegance, delicacy and tranquillity of the subjects. To put it simply, the images were created by my response to the wide range of visual impressions that were presented to my ‘soul’ or subconscious. When I framed them in my viewfinder, they simply felt ‘right’.


Mountain heather Erica corifolia

“The psychologist Carl Jung reminds us that a ‘collective unconscious’ binds us and is shared by all humanity. Subconscious common elements in all of us influence our responses to visual stimuli, even if we have had no previous personal experience of them. It is therefore possible that an image that caused me to stay a while may do the same to you, even if it stimulates a different emotion for no apparent reason. There is beauty even in imperfection.”


Summer sunshine splash!

Extracted from: Kirstenbosch, beyond words by Harris Steinman

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Images © Harris Steinman  2009

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