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August 18, 2009

Khanizeni Travel & Tourz gets community focus


Ordinary women in the “Lifestyle with Aqeelah” group participated in the aerobics display and “Soccer Sisters” fashion show. Sportswear was supplied by Monasib Clothing, a proudly South African Brand.

Khanizeni Travel & Tourz got Cape Town’s women out and about on Women’s Day, providing the entertainment for an African Women’s Network “feminar” while drawing attention to the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The day’s programme aimed to cover everything from women in business to women as homemakers, spiritual leaders and educators. Khanizeni’s social responsibility division participated in the exciting community event, hosting an aerobic demonstration and a fashion show. The special “Soccer Sisters” spectacle showcased women’s sportswear and was aimed at raising awareness of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


As part of its social responsibility policy – and under the leadership of social department head Aqeelah Hendricks – the company has initiated a programme to interact with communities, creating awareness of opportunities in the travel and leisure sectors in local and community tourism.

The Women’s Day event – the company’s first “Lifestyle with Aqeelah” event – was focused on leisure and fitness. Khanizeni’s social responsibility department will shortly roll out various other projects for locals, nationals and internationals to take part in.

Khanizeni Travel & Tourz aims to bring about lifestyle changes and create awareness around leisure and travel options while partnering with Cape Town Tourism’s citizen activation campaign, “Cape Town, Live it, Love it, LOUDER!”

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