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July 24, 2012

Kalk Bay Harbour in winter – flickr pic of the day

This photograph was taken in Kalk Bay Harbour by our Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group member Psuedoir.

"The last real camera I owned was way back in the 70s. Since then I've only really taken the occasional snap with a cell phone. In June I decided to buy a Nikon P510 and was surprised at how sophisticated the compact cameras of today are.

"At one of the first opportunities I got I trundled off to Kalk Bay, on a cold winter's day, to test it out shooting everything in sight. Looking around I was struck by how odd it was to see a train travelling above the boats, how the colours contrasted and the juxtaposition of the modern and old way of life formed a fascinating subject. Framing the shot I snapped and this picture was the result.

"I wonder how many places in the world one would be able to frame such a picture?"

Do you have images of Cape Town you’d like to share with us? We’d love you to join the Cape Town. Live it. Love it. Flickr group!

Image © Psuedoir

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