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May 07, 2013

Justin Bieber live in Cape Town: road closures

Superstar Justin Bieber is in Cape Town! Don't miss him live at Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 8 May, 2013. Photo courtesy of NRK P3

He’s the BIGGEST thing to hit the Cape Town entertainment scene since Lady Gaga, and he’s sure to have thousands of tweens screaming for all they’re worth ... yes, Mother City lovers, mega pop star Justin Bieber is in town!

His highly anticipated performance at Cape Town Stadium in chic Green Point on Wednesday 8 May, 2013 is the event that has been on everyone’s lips since December and he, along with supporting acts LCNVL and ChianoSky, are sure to bring the house down.

Mom and Dad, your little ones will never forgive you if you’re late for the Biebster, so please be aware of the following road closures and important transport information:

Road closures:

City centre

  • Waterkant: from Lower Burg Street and Buitengracht, full closure in both directions from 16h00 to 23h59

Green Point

  • Fritz Sonnenberg Road: from Metropolitan Golf Club to McDonald's entrance, full closure in both directions from 06h00 to 23h59
  • Fritz Sonnenberg Road: from McDonald's entrance to Granger Bay Boulevard, full closure in both directions from 14h00 to 23h59
  • Fritz Sonnenberg Road: from Portswood Road and Granger Bay Boulevard, full closure in both directions from 06h00 to 23h59
  • Granger Bay Boulevard: from Beach Road and Helen Suzman Boulevard, full closure, Beach Road to Helen Suzman Boulevard from 14h00 to 23h59
  • Granger Bay Boulevard: from Helen Suzman Boulevard and Beach Road, full closure, Helen Suzman Boulevard to Beach Road from 14h00 to 23h59
  • Fort Wynyard Road: from Portswood Road and Granger Bay Boulevard, full closure in both directions from 14h00 to 23h59
  • Vlei Road: from Green Point Cricket Club entrance and Fritz Sonnenberg Road, full closure in both directions from 06h00 to 23h59
  • Vlei Road: from Helen Suzman Boulevard and Fritz Sonnenberg Road, full closure in both directions from 14h00 to 23h59
  • Stephan Way: from Hamiltons Rugby Club and Fritz Sonnenberg Road, full closure in both directions from 14h00 to 23h59
  • Beach Road: from Portswood Road and Haul Road, full closure in both directions from  22h00 to 23h30
  • Portswood Road: from Helen Suzman Boulevard and Beach Road, northeast-bound only from 22h00 to 23h30
  • Somerset Road: from Ebenezer Road and Chiappini Street, southeast-bound (city-bound) only from 16h00 to 23h59
  • Somerset Road: from Buitengracht and Chiappini Street, full closure in both directions from 16h00 to  23h59
  • Main Road: from Ebenezer Road and York Road, bi-directional traffic from 16h00 to 23h59
  • Main Road: from York Road and Ebenezer Road, southeast-bound only from 16h00 to 23h59
  • Ebenezer Road: from Prestwich Street and Somerset Road, local access only – no through traffic from 16h00 to 23h59

Public transport

No parking at or near the stadium will be available to the general public.

Concert ticket-holders are encouraged to:

  • Use Metrorail to the Civic Centre railway station and walk to the stadium, or
  • Park at the V&A Waterfront and walk to the stadium

No additional train services have been scheduled before the concert, and normal tariffs will apply.

Limited special Metrorail services will be available after the concert.

Metrorail service

Metrorail services to and from Cape Town will run as normal before the concert, and passengers will be required to be in possession of a valid train ticket.

Train schedules and related information are available from the 24/7 Transport Information Centre’s toll-free number 0800 65 64 63, and www.capemetrorail.co.za.

Limited special train services will be available after the concert and will be free on presentation of a valid concert stub. Click here for the schedules.

MyCiti service

Due to the Satawu bus driver strike, the MyCiTi services for this event cannot be confirmed at this time.

Coaches and buses

Private coaches and buses may, on a first come, first served basis, use the limited coach parking on Helen Suzman Boulevard between Beach and Vlei Roads.


At rail stations

These are situated at or near rail stations, and a nominal fee may be applicable at some of these facilities. Please contact the Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63 for more information.

- Fish Hoek: unrestricted (a nominal fee may apply at the beach)
- Monte Vista: unrestricted (a nominal fee is applicable)
- Goodwood: 24/7 (a nominal fee is applicable)
- Century City station: from 14h00 until 30 minutes after the last train has left the station (R20 per vehicle)


Parking restrictions will be enforced in the residential areas adjacent to Cape Town Stadium from 00h00 to 23h59 (midnight) on 8 May 2013, including on Main Road.

Motorists are advised to obey the signage. Normal restrictions and charges apply to kerbside parking in the CBD for a weekday.

People with disabilities

Dedicated parking has been allocated on DF Malan Drive for those attendees with disabilities who wish to use the stadium shuttle. Only people with an official disability permit from the City will be allowed to park in this dedicated parking area.

Ticket-holders must formally request access to the parking bays dedicated to people with disabilities by sending an e-mail to donne@bigconcerts.co.za.

Concert-goers will have to provide evidence that they are entitled to these parking bays by clearly displaying the Vehicle Access Permit (VAP) in full colour on their dashboard when entering the parking area (P5) on Vlei Road. Failure to display will result in access being denied.

Enquiries regarding the limited parking within the stadium for people with disabilities must be emailed to donne@bigconcerts.co.za.

Parking for people with disabilities is issued at the discretion of the event organiser, and is subject to availability.

On-street in the CBD

On-street parking is available within the CBD but no additional security will be provided.

Parking tariffs will apply until 17h00, when on-street parking becomes free of charge.

V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront has approximately 3 500 parking bays available to the general public.

There is a charge associated with this parking, and traffic flows into and out of the V&A Waterfront may be congested.

Pedestrian routes

Pedestrian routes between the Stadium and

City centre (via fan walk)

Part of the road will be open to normal vehicular traffic.

Pedestrians are urged to use the sidewalk and dedicated lane to the underpass at Green Point Circle.

V&A Waterfront

This route is via Granger Bay Boulevard.

Pedestrians are urged to avoid Portswood Road, as the pedestrian walkways along that route are restricted.


Attendees wishing to cycle to the stadium are encouraged to do so.

Bicycle racks are located on the eastern (Waterfront) side of the elevated circle at the stadium.

Cyclists must provide their own lock and chain, as bicycles are left at own risk.

Please remember the “ridesafe” motto and wear a helmet, have adequate lighting and wear reflective clothing (NB: helmets are not allowed inside the stadium).

Due to the number of people using the fan walk, it is advised that cyclists coming from the CBD use the route through the V&A Waterfront or the back roads in De Waterkant to access the stadium.


Concert-goers are urged to make use of the following drop-and-go facilities before and after the concert:

  • Along the carriageway on Helen Suzman Boulevard in the direction of the City Centre on the stadium side
  • P4 via Vlei Road, off Helen Suzman Boluevard

Information services will also be set up in the P4 zone should further assistance be required after the concert.

Concert goers are again urged to:

  • Arrive early ( to avoid the congestion at the security check and access points)
  • Use the fan walk between the city centre and the stadium
  • Commute into and out of the city using the event-related rail service
  • Place an emergency contact number on their phones indexed ICE (In Case of Emergency)

A 24-hour hotline number is available for information and assistance: 011 759 7215. Calls will be managed directly in Cape Town.

Suite-holders are requested to use Beach Road to access the stadium hospitality parking facilities.

So, now you have all of the hip info you need to get to Justin Bieber’s MUST-SEE concert in Cape Town. Let’s get those tween hearts racing with this fabulous video of Bieber’s Boyfriend below:

Rihanna and Kings of Chaos are on their way to Cape Town. Remember to visit our sensational Events page for more details of what’s happening in the Mother City.

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