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May 09, 2013

Justin Bieber live in Cape Town: concert photos

Superstar Justin Bieber performs live to a sold-out audience at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 8 May, 2013. Photo courtesy of Big Concerts

They came in their thousands, they screamed at the top of their lungs and boy, did they Believe! Canadian pop star Justin Bieber had scores of Cape Town’s teenage girls (and their moms) enthralled at his sold-out concert at the Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 8 May, 2013.

As impressed as I had been by the huge turnout for Bon Jovi the night before, nothing prepared me for the sheer pandemonium that is the Belieber fan force.

While some eager admirers had camped out in order to be first in line to for the concert, others made their way along the Fan Walk, sporting Justin Bieber T-shirts and other paraphernalia.

To be in the thick of things right at the moment of the five-second countdown to Justin’s appearance, with the cries of 52 000 youngsters ringing in my ears, was just incredible!

Working his way energetically through some of his most popular hits, including Somebody to LoveDie in Your Arms, Never Say Never, Boyfriend, Believe and of course, his renowned single Baby, the teen sensation had adolescents fainting at the sight of him.

Some may argue that the sound quality was horrific, others may say you could barely see the artist on the projector screen, but there is no denying that Justin Bieber has star quality and that is what will keep impressionable kids flocking to his shows.

I have no doubt that there are thousands of Cape Town’s teens (and the young at heart) still dreaming about Justin Bieber but for those of you who missed out, here are a few images of the concert:

This #Belieber was sure to get Justin Bieber's attention with her creative poster. Photo courtesy of Fazielah Williams

Justin Bieber live on stage at the Cape Town Stadium, for the first show of his Believe SA Tour. Photo courtesy of Big Concerts

Teen sensation Justin Bieber had 52 000 youngsters and their moms enthralled at his sold-out performance in Cape Town. Photo courtesy of Big Concerts

#Beliebers show their love for Justin Bieber on the Fan Walk in Cape Town. Photo courtesy of Big Concerts

Kitted out in Justin Bieber T-shirts, these #Beliebers were more than ready to meet their idol. Photo courtesy of Fazielah Williams

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