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April 02, 2013

Jupiter in Cape Town’s Space Orbit: April Fool’s joke

Relax, it's not Independence Day come true ... just an April Fool's Day sighting of Jupiter above Cape Town. Photo courtesy of August

On Monday 1 April, 2013, we reported, via our Twitter and Facebook channels, on what looked to be the planet Jupiter in the sky above our beloved Mother City. And boy, did the video footage below look realistic:

But, of course, it was all an April Fool's joke. The planetary sighting was indeed a photographic illusion created by local production house August and inspired by their recently created series of video installations for Tjing Tjing, a popular city centre hotspot.

You, our clever Mother City-loving fanatics, weren’t fooled at all and had quite a bit to say about this astronomical hoax:

“It’s a phenomenon that occurs every 10 000 at the start of Autumn in the S. Hemisphere called Photoshopus.”  @diginza

“holy moly! Cape Town’s huge amount of radness must’ve created a gravitational pull and brought Jupiter into our orbit!!! Who has a space machine, let’s go visit, I’ll bring beer.”  @laurenfowler

“You cannot see other planets … their distance relative to earth does not allow us to see them with the naked eye ... Fool them all but not me ...”  Michael Scofield Balele

“It must be a Stormers jersey being thrown away and intercepted by the wind.”   Johan Combrinck

We may not have had any special visitors from outer space, except perhaps for the Easter Bunny, but with 3 000 "planet sighting" video views and 85 Facebook shares, we definitely spread about some much-needed laughs on April Fool’s Day.

For more information, visit www.aug.st/work/planets-in-the-sky.

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