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January 20, 2011

Jack Parow loves everything about Cape Town

Jack Parow

Photo courtesy Sacha Waldman

Jack Parow, the hilarious Afrikaans rapper who has entertained audiences around the world, says he loves “everything” about Cape Town.

Like Die Antwoord (another famous musical act who use a lot of Afrikaans), he comes from the town of Parow, which is 20 kilometres east of the Mother City.

Below is a transcript of Jack Parow’s recent interview with Cape Town Tourism.

What is it about Cape Town that you love?

Everything! The people, the surf, the beach, the bars, the brandy and the braais. Cape Town is where I was born and bred so it’s my jol (“party spot”).

Did you really grow up in Parow?

Yes, I was born in Parow then later moved to Bellville and then to Durbanville. I’m like a Northern Suburbs boerewors gordyn (“boerewors curtain”) connoisseur.

You started working in the music industry with Brasse Vannie Kaap. Which other local musicians would you like to perform with?

I perform with a lot of lekker ones already, like JR, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Fokofpolisiekar and a few others. But I would still like to do something with David Kramer, he’s a legend!

What’s your favourite spot in Cape Town to “dans dans dans”?

Shack is like home, so I go there a lot, but you can’t really “dans dans dans” there. You can just drink drink drink! But my other favourite jolle (party spots) are probably Assembly, Fiction and, of course, Starlight Diner in Bellville.

You were learning more about the rules of soccer – has the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ made you any wiser?

Ja, definitely! The only (disappointing) thing was that I was in Europe for basically all of it, but was in Amsterdam when Holland beat Uruguay – what a party!

Watch Jack Parow’s music video for Cooler as Ekke:



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