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October 22, 2009

International Kite Festival hits a high note

The International Kite Festival, held at Zandvlei in Cape Town on October 10 and 11, saw children of all ages flock to the festivities.

Faatiema Rykliff (5), who attends preschool in Rylands, was there with her mother and sister.

“It was an amazing experience – so many things to see and do I couldn’t decide what to try out first!” she says.

“There were so many children with their mommies and daddies and so many different colours wherever I looked! I was wearing a T-shirt with many different colours too, which I received from Cape Town Tourism during Tourism Week. I could see that the other children were staring at my T-shirt and pointing it out to their parents, and I felt proud of it!

“There were so many kites – big ones, little ones, of every colour that you can imagine.

“My favourite activity was the sand art, where I was able to make my own pictures using sand of different colours.

“The Kite Festival was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time!”

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