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December 04, 2013

Instameet Bakoven: Join in, capture and share your #lovecapetown photos with us

Calling all passionate Instagramers! We're getting together this weekend for another epic instameet to show the world how much we #lovecapetown. If you were one of the happy snappers who joined us at our first #lovecapetown instawalk, you'd know how much fun we have at these meets. We get together, introduce ourselves by our Instagram handle and start taking photos. This weekend, there'll be another meet happening with the Atlantic coastline as our backdrop, and we want you to join us!

Some people have asked me if we take photos with the Instagram camera and upload them immediately while walking. Well, there is a long answer to that question.. but let's save that for a new blog post. The short answer is, I don't often upload my photos of the walk immediately, because I'm too caught up with capturing the scenic beauty around me. And also, I want to edit my photos before I upload them. So if you'd like to hear more about making your Cape Town photos pop on Instagram (the long answer), then do comment below.

Getting back to this weekend; it will be a special walk as we welcome one of the top Instagramers, Eric Rubens, from the United States to our beautiful city. Eric visits us all the way from San Diego and is well known for capturing memories of his travels across the globe. This year he has decided to stop by Cape Town for the summer. What better way to capture this experience, than through the eyes of a first time traveller to Cape Town? This is an opportunity for you to show us how much you #lovecapetown by joining in on the instameet and snapping away. The hashtag for the event will be decided on at the meet, which you should use in addition to the #lovecapetown hashtag on Instagram, so that your photos can be viewable on our #lovecapetown wall.

The meeting point will be Bakoven, and we're meeting on Saturday December 7 at 6pm promptly. See you there! 

Photo by @craighowes; Infogram by @mizu_takumi

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