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March 05, 2014

Inspired by art at the Cape Town Art Fair

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” - Oscar Wilde

That quote has always been one of my favourites, because it describes everything that an artist does, so effortlessly. Art, no matter what format, is supposed to make you feel something. There’s just something about a beautiful canvas that always evokes emotion. It inspires me. And in search of inspiration, I headed to the Cape Town Art Fair this weekend past at The Pavilion in Dock Road, V & A Waterfront.

Just to give you an idea of the standard of this event; the art fair is produced by Fiera Milano Exhibitions Africa, part of the global Fiera Milano Group who is responsible for running art exhibitions in Milan and Istanbul. There is a great deal of planning that goes on in preparation for this event, and curators have selected only the best artists to be showcased in the exhibition. These artists were chosen from 34 of South Africa's leading galleries and comprised of a combination of traditional paintings, drawings and sculptures as well as modern photography, print and ceramics.

On the programme were talks and screenings as well as public debates. It was the first year of the Cape Town Art Fair in the Mother City and the aim of the fair was to showcase a collective of the best South African artwork under one roof. Newcomers that were included in the gallery were Stevenson, Goodman and Everard Read. What I enjoyed most about the exhibition was its strong focus on abstract and contemporary art.

Upon entering the exhibition gallery, I was greeted by a striking splash of colour from the BRUNDYN+ collection. Below is a photo essay of some of my favourite pieces:

Overall, The Cape Town Art Fair was an incredible showcase of South African innovation and creativity. With pieces that depict humour, minimalism and mosaics, it’s easy to see why Cape Town is the World Design Capital 2014. And I couldn’t think of a more fitting venue to host this fair than The Pavilion, V & A Waterfront.

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