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February 25, 2013

The Company’s Garden – a photo essay

The Company's Garden was established by Dutch settlers in 1652 as a source of fresh produce for passing spice trading ships en route to the East.

Today it is celebrated as a park and heritage site located in the city centre.

Early morning light bathes the mountain backdrop. Photo courtesy of j.kutzen

A comprehensive map outlines points of interest in the garden and surrounds. Photo courtesy of Khaz

An unusual perspective of the garden taken at sunset. Photo courtesy of Trenchfoot

A statue of Cecil John Rhodes pointing north from Cape to Cairo. Photo courtesy of Jonnasl

Manicured lawns and ancient militaria. Photo courtesy of petecheslock

On a hot summer's day a stroll through the lush gardens is a refreshing way to cool down. Photo courtesy of Jorge Lascar

Lion’s Head through the Garden window. Photo courtesy of  mr_smee44

Paved walkways and garden benches tempt visitors to stay a while. Photo courtesy of original_MikZ

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