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September 12, 2013

How to get involved in an Instagram community

Image by Craig Howes

Instagram is one of the most visual social networks around, and over the last few months we’ve noticed an insane growth in the iPhoneography community in South Africa, specifically Cape Town. For those of you who are nodding while reading that first sentence; hello hipsters. And for those of you who are a little bit lost; let’s get you back on track.

iPhoneography (iPhone photography) is an endearment term used to describe mobile photography using an iPhone. With the launch of the iPhone, and the myriad of photo editing apps (and no, we don’t mean filters) came the launch of a new niche community in South Africa: the iPhoneography SA community. The community consisted of iPhoneographers (iPhone photographers) who created beautiful photos of their environments and published it online. Naturally, Instagram fuelled the growth of this community in the form of the Instagramers communities. Okay, we’re nearly there – don’t lose us. The Instagramers communities have been defined as igers (short for Instagramers) and they exist in every corner of the world. In Cape Town, the official community is called igerscapetown and here’s why you should connect with them on Instagram.

You love taking photos; your Instagram feed is a collection of beautiful squares that can easily be placed on the walls of an art gallery; you’re the person at the picnic who whips out their phone in the most random occasions, trying to get a macro shot of the water droplet on a leaf. But you have no one who shares your passion for mobile photography, and your friends don’t really get that you can take such amazing shots with... just your phone. If this sounds like you, meet the Instagamers Cape Town community.

The community in Cape Town, led by Ross Pickford, meet up at least once a month in beautiful locations in and around the city and participate in what we like to call, an instawalk. Ross organises the details of the meet-up such as the venue, date and time and all of this information is posted on Instagram prior to the walk. Currently the group is quite small, with a few core individuals who keep the group active, but new Instagramers are welcomed to the community all the time. So, if you enjoy meeting new people and of course, taking photos, then you should definitely get involved in the next walk. And even though the community started with the iPhoneographers, it has sort of expanded to include mobile photographers who use Android devices as well.

As part of our #lovecapetown campaign, we’ll be hosting a group of International bloggers to explore Cape Town and document their journey through their social networks. Part of this experience includes an Instawalk at sunset. Follow @igerscapetown and @roscoedude on Instagram to get information on the next meet. And don’t forget to tag your photos of Cape Town with #lovecapetown for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed and blog.

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