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January 29, 2013

Hout Bay in photos

Hout Bay, which lies between the Sentinel and Chapman's Peak, is a lively town with a picturesque harbour. The area is popular for its rich fishing waters and forms the core of Cape Town's crayfish industry.

In 1652 Jan van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape, named Hout Bay ("wood bay") after the dense forests that characterised the area back then. The Hout Bay Museum displays the history of the valley and its people and is worthwhile visiting.

An endless coastline dotted with white, sandy beaches attracts hordes of holiday beachgoers and gallant surfers who ride Dungeons, a massive deep-reef wave formed in the bay. Dungeons is one of 16 recognised big wave spots around the world.

Whether you plan to catch big waves, tuck into delicious seafood or just relax on the beach, Hout Bay is the destination for you.

The East Fort gun battery is said to be the oldest operational gun battery in the world. Photo courtesy Danie van der Merwe

Hout Bay harbour is one of the busiest harbours in the Western Cape with a thriving crayfish, snoek and tuna industry. Photo courtesy flowcomm

This bronze leopard statue was created by Ivan Mitford-Barberton to commemorate the last leopard that was shot in Hout Bay in 1930. Photo courtesy Andrew Ashton

The Bay Harbour Market has it all, from arts and crafts to food and live performances. Photo courtesy Damien du Toit

Hout Bay's nightlife is hot and happening especially during peak season. Photo courtesy meshugas

The water at Hout Bay does an excellent job of cooling swimmers off on a hot summer's day. Photo courtesy Bertrand Duperrin

Take a short trip to Duiker Island just off Hout Bay and watch its inhabitants, South African fur seals, frolicking about or lazing in the sun. Photo courtesy neiljs

Mariner's Wharf is South Africa's first harbourfront emporium. Photo courtesy Graeme Churchard

The masked lapwing is one of many bird species that can be seen at the World of Birds, the largest bird park in the Southern hemisphere. Photo courtesy Damien du Toit

A spectacular view of Hout Bay and The Sentinel (left) taken from the Silvermine mountain bike trail. Photo courtesy warrenski

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