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December 27, 2009

Here comes the FBI!

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Five a side gets going

The Free Ball Initiative (FBI) launches its beach soccer at Muizenberg beach in December 2009.

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FBI “agent” heads for the beach

Beach soccer a.k.a. “SAN SOKA” is growing in popularity by the day. When soccer is mentioned, most people think of the traditional soccer game that is played on a field. But many soccer teams, including many of the World Cup teams, do in fact play this widely recognised form of soccer.

The FBI is the latest offering by the organisers of the Muizenberg Community Festival.

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Flags mark the spot

The initiative is made possible with the help of the local Cape Town Tourism office and the Cape Town City Council and is set to take place on Saturdays and Sundays initially, progressing to week days as the holiday season unfolds.

“We believe this event will add even greater value to the overall Muizenberg Experience,” says FBI Deputy-Director Rico Minnaar.

“Everyone in South Africa can relate to soccer at the moment and we, as the FBI, will endeavour to create a safe and convenient space for kids and the community to come and enjoy the beach in a very unique way.”

The FBI is a community-based project that will assist development responsible for beach soccer on the False Bay coastline.

This includes the development of beach soccer, running of league and cup events, and the development of youth, social players and teams.

The games began on 12 December 2009 and every weekend there has been is a marked increase in the number of participants. The aim is to incorporate these activities into a league comprising teams from local schools.

“The successful outcome of this initiative should be measured by programmes we will have in place for the extended school break, throughout the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The FBI sees this as a mission critical, to afford all school-goers a thrilling and absolutely FUN alternative to enjoying this wonderful and historical break,” says Rico.

Let the games begin…

For more information, please contact Rico Minaar on +27 78 833773.

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