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February 20, 2013

Harlem Shake Cape Town: the best videos

The Harlem Shake was an Internet phenomenon that came and went last week, getting hundreds of bored office workers up out of their seats and dancing in a most ridiculous fashion.

The original video that set off the trend is a 30-second clip featuring one person dancing to the music (usually wearing a mask or helmet), while other people mill around normally – then when the beat drops, the clip cuts to a wild party with everybody dancing as outrageously as they can!

As the phenomenon spread, people from around the world started uploading their own versions of the Harlem Shake onto YouTube. Cape Town is never one to be left out, and a number of local Harlem Shakes soon appeared. Check out the best ones below!

The Jupiter Drawing Room were the first Harlem Shakers from Cape Town to upload their video

It was inevitable that the Harlem Shake would somehow make its way to Long Street!

The students of Red & Yellow clearly had a blast making this

The Harlem Shake even hit De Waal Park on Sunday

And then there was Rick Astley ...

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