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April 29, 2009

Happy voters – Cape Town Tourism Flickr pic of the day


Cape Town and the Western Cape are gearing up for a leadership shuffle, following last week’s elections. The Western Cape was the only province where the ruling national party, the African National Congress (ANC), did not win a majority.

Here are the Western Cape election results:
DA 1 012 568 (51.46%)
ANC with 620 918 votes (31.55%)
COPE followed with 152 356 votes (7.74%)
Independent Democrats with 92 116 votes (4.68%)
ACDP received 28 995 votes (1.47%)
The remaining 17 parties received under 1% of the vote.

This photo was taken by one of our Flickr Cape Town. Live it. Love it. group members, Hendrik Groenewald.

“We had walked down to our local voting station in Rondebosch fairly early on April 22, 2009, to make our crosses. After standing in the queue for only a short while, we were surprised to hear a large cheer and see DA leader and Cape Town mayor Helen Zille join the queue. Media frenzy ensued; everyone wanted to interview her,” says Hendrik .

“We moved swiftly through the process, which was very well managed, and left without a hitch. I had not taken my camera with me, thinking I’d come back later the same day to grab a few shots. Later in the afternoon I did just that and got this picture of two friends who had just voted and were having a good time, wrapped in our beautiful SA flag,” he continues.

Helen Zille will be sworn in as the Western Cape premier today, and an announcement naming her mayoral successor is expected to be made shortly. Deputy mayor Grant Haskin, of the ACDP, will be acting mayor in the interim.

Image © Hendrik Groenewald 2009

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