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June 11, 2009

Hangklip-Kleinmond: loud and proud moments


Rev Edwin Arrison donating a soccer ball to local soccer team, the Young Defenders

Hangklip-Kleinmond Tourism co-ordinated a get-together at the Kleinmond Harbour to mark the one year to kick-off to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Tournament.

Learners from local day-care facilities and schools participated, as did business owners, grandparents and grandchildren, a local soccer team, community representatives and members of the local tourism bureau.

Tom Prinsloo, chairman of the Hangklip-Kleinmond Tourism Bureau, welcomed all present. Rev Edwin Arrison then reminded us of the importance of the event and how we can all play a role in South Africa’s successful hosting of it. He said that the tournament could help build bridges in our communities and our country, and addressed the youth in particular.

Maksie Liebenberg from the Kleinmond Business Chamber challenged all businesses to adopt a local soccer team – a wishlist of their needs and the teams’ names will be available at the tourism bureau.

Rev Arrison immediately took up the challenge by donating a soccer ball to the local team, the Young Defenders.

It was then time for the countdown and the crowd made a thunderous noise! The Young Defenders challenged the older kids and members of the community to a quick game of soccer, whilst the younger kids tried their utmost to copy the football tricks they were shown earlier on.

Thanks to everyone who attended! We can’t wait for 2010!

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