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October 29, 2013

Halloween: Zombie Walk Through Cape Town

Halloween is nearly here – and true to the spirit of this spooky event, the annual Zombie Walk happened this past Saturday, October 29, with Zombies from our beautiful city dressing up and doing a walk of terror from Thibault Square to Company Gardens, through St. Georges Mall.

The walk happens every year, and sees the less living residents of Cape Town meander slowly through the streets, roaming menacingly from one side of town to the other, frightening tourists and locals alike.

Organiser Dieter Wambach notes that the walk started because it was close to Halloween one year and he had a lot of Halloween make-up left over, so he decided to do a Zombie walk: “I thought it would be fun to walk around and terrorise people in the city, so I invited a few friends to join me and the next second there were about 400 of us, which was pretty cool!”

Whilst flesh-eating undead roam the streets of Cape Town all in the name of fun, a bigger cause is at play with the Zombie Walk. The walk happens under the guise of being aimed at raising awareness of social negligence of zombies. In reality, all funds raised go towards the Lucky Lucy Dog Rescue Foundation.

Dieter states that they chose the Lucky Lucy foundation because he had followed the work of the organisation for a while and really believe in the work they do, so he thought he could do some good.

Image Courtesy of Viktor Kirov III

There were about 1,500 infected humans walking the streets this year. If you were one of them, send us your pictures – or tweet us, using the hashtag #lovecapetown

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