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August 07, 2009

The 2010 Green Point Stadium: a shining beacon in winter – a Cape Town Tourism photo essay


A glorious winter’s day on June 1, 2009.

Note the white structure on the left of the stadium – that’s the truss construction (white vertical and horizontal poles) where the glass membrane facade will be attached, which will wrap around the whole perimeter of the stadium.


A sunset hike high up Table Mountain.

There are no superlatives to tell you what it’s like, except that it’s just heaven. Out of this world.

It was an incredible day, just like summer, and an exquisite sunset. That’s Robben Island in the distance and our new 2010 stadium – the most beautiful stadium I have ever laid eyes on.


It was rough weather and I was almost blown away that evening, taking this shot from the top of Signal Hill. By the time I was finished I felt cold to the bone. There was only one other car there – a Dutch film crew shooting a 2010 documentary.


I took this on the night I arrived home from a most fantastic driving holiday of several weeks. I can now say I have seen the coast of South Africa, from Cape Town as far as the St Lucia Wetlands, close to the Mozambique border, and I can affirm that this is an incredibly beautiful country.

That said, the Western Cape is hard to beat for beauty!

It was also the night we heard that the week-long strike at FIFA World Cup construction sites in South Africa had ended.


I spent a few happy hours walking around the top of Signal Hill in the cold yesterday afternoon, but I loved every minute of it! The weather was a mixed batch, some sun, some rain, but cold, clear air (even the stadium looks cold in this shot).

Now that the strike is over, the construction teams work twice as hard and through the night. See how huge the stadium is compared with the apartment blocks?


Minutes before midnight… She is an absolute beauty but no sleeping beauty – she gets no rest at night. Can you see they are still at work?

The stadium will be finished on December 4 and handed over to the City of Cape Town on December 14, 2009.

You will find daily photos of the progress on the Green Point Common and Stadium on my personal blog: greenpointstadium-and-capetown.blogspot.com/.

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