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August 02, 2011

Green living in Cape Town – be the change you want to see

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Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Photo © Cape Town Tourism

I believe that watching 50/50 with my dad on Sunday evenings as a young child made me environmentally conscious from an early age. Add to that the fact that I’m totally besotted with animals, and this led to my understanding that animals need a natural habitat and that their habitat was fast disappearing due to the harvesting of natural resources and pollution – soon they wouldn’t have a place to live and would become extinct or live in captivity; not to mention the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature that would be destroyed if nothing substantial was done.

I decided I would do everything I could to help prevent this, for the sake of my kids and theirs, to grant them the opportunity to experience the beauty I’ve experienced. Our lives as humans are inextricably linked to those of others.

These are some of my top tips for conserving resources in your home:

  • Use a bucket to shower.
  • When you rinse veggies and meat, capture the water and use it on your plants.
  • Catch rainwater from the gutters in buckets to wash your floors, windows and cars. Rain is free!
  • Reduce your use of plastic – it’s heartbreaking to see it strewn on beaches, causing problems for bird and other marine life.
  • Recycle – it’s not hard at all. Separate materials, rinse out used plastic containers and drop them off at recycling drop-off points.
  • There are many recycling drop-off points at schools, libraries, shopping centres etc. The City of Cape Town has a number of depots conveniently located on shopping, work and school routes.

For a full list of recycling depots in your area, click on the link below

Some of the recycling depots also take in used car oil, which is a bonus since one litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of water! Let’s hope that love of our planet will mobilise people into living more sustainably.

*Sabeegah Kaffoor is a Senior Information and Reservation Consultant at Cape Town Tourism and keeps our VICs in the Southern Suburbs and Southern Peninsula ship shape with an eco tip each week.

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