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August 20, 2009

Giraffe House fun for kids who like reptiles


A crocodile at Giraffe House

Cape Town Tourism staff regularly attend network functions where tourism-related establishments explain their products.

Kids and family were the focus of the function we attended yesterday – sounds harmless, doesn’t it? But was I in for a shock!

Giraffe House, which is situated just off the N1, exit 39, was the venue for this function. It’s a Wildlife Awareness Centre which provides entertainment, hosts birthday parties and so on.

Of course there was no real danger or harm, but the thing that freaked me out was the live reptile display. When I heard that they would have live snakes on display I immediately wanted to leave. 


The caracal or rooikat at Giraffe House

I was not the only one who was scared. Doreah’s eyes gave her game away. Lee made a comment that I thought was very funny: “Did you see how fast I became Spiderman?” he said.  Amanda held a snake for a few minutes – “brave heart”.

Amid all this excitement and hype, we learnt an enormous amount about snakes and other reptiles.

I think that this is an amazing venue for families. The staff at Giraffe House are great and their love for animals can be seen in the way their eyes light up when you ask them something about the animals.

Apart from snakes, there are other animals to see too, for example the rooikat and birds.

For a family outing and for educational purposes I would most certainly recommend it.

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