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April 17, 2009

Get out your cameras for Earth Mosaic: a global photographic project


The natural beauty of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, photo courtesy Martin Heigan

Earth Mosaic is a brilliantly ambitious project to record a day in the life of our planet – in pictures. It calls on people around the world to take photographs of the world around them on Earth Day, April 22, 2009. The pictures will be made into a giant mosaic of the Earth – a sign of global commitment to looking after our planet.

The project started when Cape Town-based photographer Paul Bruins was struck with “a wild idea to do something truly significant, involving photography. Something worldwide.”

After a late-afternoon shoot on Kommetjie Beach, he mentioned the idea to fellow photographer André van Rooyen, who suggested aligning the scheme with Earth Day – and the project was born.

The Earth Mosaic team is calling on all Earth-lovers and photographers to participate.

According to the Earth Mosaic website, “It really doesn’t matter if you’re a hot-rod D3X or 1Ds Mk III pro-shooter, or a student with a 1.3MP cellphone camera. We all share this planet, and we’d like you all to share in this mosaic.”

The project has already gone global through Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, with people blogging about it all over the world. The Earth Mosaic Facebook group already has 260 members and the Flickr group has a staggering 945 members so far – an extraordinary level of involvement in a short time!

Joy-Anne Goodenough, who is invloved in the project, says, “Earth Mosaic initiative has its roots right here in Cape Town – two friends on a beach had this crazy idea and within days of going live their project has gone global. Participants from Malaysia, Europe, Alaska, Australia, the States and Canada are signing up and spreading the word, which shows that today, ordinary South Africans can reach the whole world and make magic happen!”

To read more about the project and its rules, visit the Earth Mosaic website.

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