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November 09, 2012

Freshlyground set to rock Cape Town World Music Festival

Freshlyground will perform live at the Cape Town World Music Festival in the city centre this weekend. Photo courtesy Voice Factory Communication

The inaugural Cape Town World Music Festival hits Cape Town’s groovy city centre from November 9 to 10, 2012, where Afro-pop local band Freshlyground will be proudly waving the Mother City’s musical flag.

The first of its kind, it is slated to be an accessible inner-city music festival, showcasing the very best in international and local music right on your doorstep, from Harrington Street in the Fringe all the way to the iconic Lion’s Head.

Freshlyground will be sharing unusual stages with 31 other acts, including Boom Pam (Israel), Bholoja (Swaziland, Zambia), Babu (South Africa), local jazz maestros Hilton Schilder, Errol Dyers, Steve Newman, and many more.

Freshlyground has become synonymous with authentic, boogie-worthy music in the past seven years. Co-singers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ anthem with Colombian superstar Shakira, Time For Africa, which gave them worldwide recognition, band members Zolani Mahola (lead vocals), Josh Hawks (bass), Seredeal Scheepers (keyboards and percussion), Kyla-Rose Smith (violin), Simon Atell (flute, mbira, harmonica, sax), Julio Sigauqe and Peter Cohen (drums) have also released four successful albums.

Between sound checks for their Cape Town World Music Festival performance, I chatted to them about music, their love of Cape Town and their new album:

What or who inspires you musically?

So many things inspire us but we draw our greatest inspiration from people and events that happen in real life.

Why is participating in the World Music Festival so important for the band?

It is a wonderful opportunity to perform for a home crowd and to share the stage with so many brilliant musicians from all over the world.

Where to next from here for Freshlyground, career wise?

We have just released our fifth studio album, Take Me to the Dance. We have gone independent and released our album exclusively through Pick n Pay (local retail supplier). These are all big and exciting steps for us towards a new direction.

What are you favourite Capetonian meals/dishes?

Sushi – although it isn't particularly South African at all, we get great fresh fish right here in Cape Town.

Which one of your songs would best describe Cape Town?

Party Time in the South off our new record, Take Me to the Dance.

Why do you love Cape Town?

It takes your breath away with its exquisite beauty.

For more information about Freshlyground and the Cape Town World Music Festival, visit www.freshlyground.com or www.capetownworldmusicfestival.com. Watch the video of Freshlyground’s Take Me To The Dance, as performed on the Expresso TV show below:

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