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July 23, 2009

Footballs for Fun


Sergio Dos Santos signed footballs which were given out at the Ubuntu Festival

As a host city for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Cape Town is doing everything it can to ensure not only that the World Cup itself is a resounding success, but also that the citizens of the Mother City continue to reap the benefits long after it’s over.

As part of this plan, Cape Town Tourism supports the Footballs for Fun initiative.

According to their website, Footballs for Fun is “a charity that aims to get 100 000 footballs to the children of Africa by 2010 ... while at the same time generating funds to support charities working for the welfare of children in Africa.”

They believe that a football is a perfect gift as it can be enjoyed by the community, not only by an individual.

With the World Cup coming to South Africa, the founder of the initiative, John Haycock, designed footballs in the colours of the flags of a number of African countries, and the balls are now on sale though the Footballs for Fun website.


Footballs were given out as prizes to crowd members at the Ubuntu Festival who mastered the diski dance

Cape Town Tourism has contributed 200 footballs to the initiative, some of which were signed by Western Cape football ambassador Sergio Dos Santos.

These signed footballs were given out as prizes at the Ubuntu Festival to crowd members who went up onto the stage at the festival and learned the diski dance.

More footballs branded with the Cape Town Tourism logo will be given out at future events, and will be on sale in the near future. Cape Town Tourism is proud to contribute to this initiative, ensuring that Cape Town embraces the World Cup slogan, Ke Nako – Celebrating Africa’s Humanity.

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