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March 18, 2009

Flying in supersonic Thunder City jets – a heady mix for international tourists


Thunder City, which is located next to Cape Town International Airport, continues to attract large numbers of overseas and local tourists, who come to experience the unique thrill of flying in one of the base’s ex-combat jets.

A flight in one of Thunder City’s iconic jets has become a ‘must do’ for visitors from all over the world wanting to enjoy a life-changing experience.

These international visitors come to Cape Town year-round, and especially in summer, to enjoy the wide variety of attractions that the Mother City has to offer.


Thunder City has the world’s largest civilian-owned fleet of ex-combat jets, including the last four English Electric Lightnings and the last three BAe Buccaneers still flying in the world, as well as seven Hawker Hunters, a BAC Strikemaster and a modernised Puma SA 330 helicopter.

Thunder City is one of the few places worldwide where the public are allowed to fly in ex-military jets and enjoy the thrills of Top Gun supersonic and sub-sonic flying. 

Thunder City, which was established in 1998, has flown over 1700 incident free sorties.


Cape Town has some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, best seen from the air, with panoramic views of Table Mountain and the Cape Peninsula, dotted with white beaches along the surrounding coastline and vineyards on the lower reaches of the nearby majestic mountain ranges.

Being at the foot of Africa, it is also one of the most uncluttered air spaces on the planet, making it the ideal place to fly in supersonic jets. Thunder City has added another dimension to the range of attractions on offer to tourists.

For more information call 021 934-8007 or visit the website: www.thundercity.com

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