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May 20, 2014

Five reasons why my Mother’s Day experience at Cape Town’s Tsogo Sun The Cullinan rocked

Mother's Day at Tsogo Sun's The Cullinan in Cape Town rocked. Image courtesy of KLPR

I love both of my moms, Cape Town the Mother City and my vivacious amazing momma Soraya ,so when the second Sunday of May rolled around, there really was only one place of choice to celebrate their fabulousness – Tsogo Sun’s Southern Sun The Cullinan hotel.

As if the impressive hotel wasn’t enough to blow us away with its stylish exterior and views, its onsite restaurant, the Peach Tree, really outdid itself with a family dining experience like no other.

Here are five reasons why my Mother’s Day experience at The Cullinan’s Peach Tree Restaurant rocked:

- Food, all of the glorious food: We Williams women love to eat and thankfully the Peach Tree’s award-winning chef Lindsay Venn and his talented team did not disappoint with a buffet spread fit for a queen. I’m talking angry duck curry (named so for the spices used and not the disposition of the poultry!); Korean beef; steamed veggies; pea and broccoli soup; mushroom cannelloni and more. Hungry yet?

- Location, location, location: Situated opposite the Cape Town International Convention Centre with a My CiTi bus stop on its doorstep and a mere 5 minutes’ drive from the V&A Waterfront, The Cullinan is just so easy to get to. Not to mention the amazing azure coloured pool with a deck chairs you can lounge on and views from the restaurant that seem to go on forever.

- Family vibes: Sure Mother’s Day is about, well, Mom, but Peach Tree and The Cullinan are really great for the entire family. It was so heart-warming to see how everyone from sweet grandparents to the youngest energetic relative were welcomed by the attentive waiting staff –with a bath time lavender treat handed to each patron too!

- Sweet like chocolate: So, I’m just going to put it out there – I am a chocoholic … happily for me, Chef Venn and his team sure knew how to make this girl feel like she is in cocoa Nirvana! Chocolate mousses in shot glasses, waffles with chocolate sauce, drops and ice cream AND cupcakes – what’s not to love?

- Money, money, money: You’d expect a three course buffet and drinks at this luxurious venue to cost a pretty penny, right? Not the case with Peach Tree Restaurant. With weekly Sunday lunches set at R 185, good food and quality family time at this must-try eatery is the best value for money you’ll get.

Reserving judgement on how amazing lunch at the Peach Tree is until you see it for yourself? These are some of my tantalizing pics of our Mother’s Day lunch :

Forget the Angry Birds game... at The Cullinan, Chef Venn and his team produce angry duck! Image courtesy of Fazielah Williams

Yes, that's Dessert Heaven right there! Image courtesy of Fazielah Williams

Korean beef and steamed veggies? Yes, please! Image courtesy of Fazielah Williams

A chocoholic's dream come true! Waffles at The Cullinan. Image courtesy of Fazielah Williams

Buffet lunches are just the tip of Tsogo Sun’s iceberg of affordability this chilly season. With amazing deals like the Spa Indulgence package at the Cape Sun for R 1,730 per room per night which includes bed, breakfast and treatments, you won’t have to break the bank to live the good life with this hotel group this winter.

Get all of the cost-effective details at www.tsogosunhotels.com

Looking for great deals on things to do in Cape Town? Visit our Share the Specials blog for more info.


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