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November 02, 2013

Facebook Feedback Fridays: Your Halloween Costumes

We hope you all had a frighteningly eventful Halloween in the Mother City. This year, with the Zombie Walk and Top 2013 Halloween Events to attend, Cape Town was abuzz. It seems that we are taking to this holiday each year with more gusto than the previous year. And why shouldn’t we? It’s, after all, just another excuse to dress up and be silly. According to our Feedback Fridays question on Facebook, here are some of your costume choices that we loved.

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Though it was quite apparent that the trend was zombies, goths and witches, we enjoyed your sense of humour in our responses too.

This Halloween, I went dressed as a________________

Ray Agutter Horse.

Andrew Robinson My mother-in-law

Aasia Rashid Femme Fatale.. paled face,bleeding eyes and red lips..dagger in one hand,broiled rabbit in the other;)

Rudy Rudebaby Jacobus Werewolf

Faheem Fhm Abrahams psycho jack in the box

Thelma Mpala Zombie

Nureesa Holland Dead unwanted bride

Merle Dawe Witch! Heehee. Gotta keep my broom in running order. Heehee.

Fransie Van Der Westhuizen Goth

Charlie Carline Banana

Arlene Shaw An Afro Circus Zebra

Paul Hancock Spooky Pirate

Maritza Farham My little one went to school a Zombie. ...... im one everyday

Want to see your name here? Follow us on Facebook for more fun Feedback Fridays posts from our fans, and get involved.

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