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December 13, 2013

Facebook Feedback Fridays: Your favourite Madiba memory

Every week we ask our fans on our I Cape Town Facebook page a question. And since it’s been a week from when we heard the tragic news of Madiba’s passing, we thought it would be fitting to ask the fans about their favourite Madiba memory.

To me, Nelson Mandela represents the visionary qualities that I look for in every leadership role. The difference between being a visionary leader and a militant one is that you inspire people to make a change – instead of ordering change. Madiba touched the lives of many because of his alternative leadership style; because true success is when you inspire others to do things differently. And that’s my favourite memory of him.

Image courtesy of symphony of love on Flickr

What is your favourite memory of Madiba?

Nicol Muenchen his unique "Ubuntu" and his significant impact to SA and the rest of the world
Laurence Nicolay Son His beautiful smile
Pat Johannes The day he was released from prison
Chris-Maré Groenewald His Peaceful words, and smile with sincerity!
Jahaan Ashlin Benjamin The day he came out of jail and came to Cape Town and did his 1st speech!
Heide Krenauer Meeting him !
Baraka Gifts and Decor His humbleness

If you’d like to commemorate the beautiful memory of Madiba, have a look at these memorial events happening in Cape Town this weekend.

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