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April 26, 2013

Facebook Feedback Friday: Your favourite building in Cape Town

The Mutual Heights building in central Cape Town. Photo courtesy monicawagner.

As the oldest city in South Africa, Cape Town's architecture is a testament to the many and varied influences on the country's unique history. With a mix of historical and modern, Cape Town's buildings help to characterise the city. We asked the fans of our Facebook page, I ♥ Cape Town, about their favourite building in the Mother City.

Here's a selection of some of the responses:

Carl Matthews: All the pastel coloured homes in the Bo-Kaap.

Greg Shewan: Mutual House, one of the best Art Deco examples you'll find on our continent :)

Veronica Wisniewski: Cape Town City Hall, Mouille Point Lighthouse, Standard Bank in Adderley Street, Old post office in town, old OK bazaars building in Adderley Street.

Rachelle Barioli: St George's Cathedral

Dineo Ntshole: Jameson Hall, UCT. Got awarded my first degree there.

Karl Marius du Preez: The only windmill in the country just below Rhodes next to UCT down the road from Newlands rugby stadium.

Linda Wallace: The Cape Town Stadium-fond memories of world cup football, and various music concerts.

Lucille Rosslyn Kemp: The Jewish Museum. The view from my old flat's balcony on Queen Victoria St was a scope of planetarium.. green from Company's Gardens... And then the top of the ornate Jewish Museum peaking out (and to top it off Devil's Peak/Table Mtn in the background xx)

Adrianne Fred Kop: Groote Schuur hospital

Linda Steel: Inn on the square hotel green market square

Hennie Smit: One and only hotel

Khayakazi Siwendu: Clock tower in VA Water front

Riaan Groep: The Brass Bell (Kalkbay Station)

Merichia Victoria Petersen: Way too many to choose from... Sanlam Bellville, CTICC, The One & Only etc

Sharon Martin: Mutual Heights! No question. Stunning! Was even featured in Wallpaper, after it was renovated, a few years back. The banking mall (ground floor) wasn't worked on (last time I saw it) is just awesome the way it is! Love love! (& the views frm up in some of the top apartments.. Wow!, & the neighbourhood.. Has always worked as a location for New York setting, particularly the little side streets..)

Nicki Parker-Jones: Grand Africa's Cafe on the Beach... amazing inspiring quirky eco building inside and out with an incredibly yummy restaurant inside... had my wedding meal there and we were overwhelmed with the whole experience!

Thea Dixon: Mount Nelson , The Castle.

Final word

Clearly, Cape Town is a great place to live – many of the responses to the question were simply, "My house."

Join the conversation! Check out our Facebook page, I ♥ Cape Town, and share your favourites with us.

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