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April 05, 2013

Facebook Feedback Friday: the most inspirational places in Cape Town

Bloubergstrand. Photo courtesy RobW_

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Luckily, the fans of the I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page are willing to offer some and share where they find theirs. We asked: "Where is the most inspirational place you have been in Cape Town?"

Below is a selection of some of their answers:

Lizette Herman: robben - island, i felt so deeply touched and emotional, just the fact that madiba had 2 spend there, most of his years 4 us to be set free from apartheid and still a lot of our south africans dont appreciate what he did for us! was in front of the cell he was kept in 4 so long, all the other prisoners who also helped him fought 4 our freedom! it was sooooooo undescribable 4 me. that journey i will always remember!!!!

Charles Lawrence: Underwater with the sharks....

Shynah Kauraisa: Being on Top of Table Mountain was a mind blowing experience for me!! IT was just too amazing for words! Can't wait to return -- I Love CT!!

Alicia Ilana Abrahams: Slave Lodge- Adderley Str Musuem. Oh my...soul warming experience! If you want to know where Cape Townions come from visit Iziko Slave Lodge!

Varry Lavin: Heart of Cape Town Museum (within Groote Schuur hospital) to see the actual operating theatres Christiaan Barnard did the first human transplant in. The tour and commentary was amazing.

Ruan Smith: Chapman's Peak. Feels like anything is possible when you drive there...

Carlea van der Linde: Blou berg strand with the wind in your hair and the stunning view of table mountain and sand between ur toes ... The feel of freedom

Kerry Kleinhans: Woodstock for its edginess.....gets my creative juices flowing !!!

Robin George: It has to be in the CBD at night especially with the opening or start of the festive season when the lights go on

Simisha Pather-Elias: Silvermine dam on a quiet afternoon

Julie Cleverdon: Cape Town science Centre.... Kids love it! Inspiring!

Karin Rimer: Khayelitsha Township - these people who have nothing, but with the biggest smiles in town!

Liz Linsell: The Red Cross War Memorial Childrens Hospital. Definitely!

Fazlin Mohamed Floris: A little know quaint restaurant in Constantia winelands , in the middle of lush forest, with a quiet shaded stream running past... Just stunning..

Perry Conrad Mason: Signal Hill without doubt! To your left, the awesome view of Camps Bay & to your right view of Cape Town and Table Mountain.  A photographers dream!!

Yvonne Fitzpatrick: Being quite a spiritual person......I found an inner peace at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens..........well worth a trip!

Final words

Phillip Ellington: Are you kidding ? All of Cape Town is inspirational ,Better yet ! I think its Heaven....All of Cape Town. Oh how I miss Cape Town...

Colin Bouwer: You have to be joking...!!!! The WHOLE of Cape Town is inspirational!

Well there you have it – come to Cape Town and be inspired! Contact us to help you book your next holiday here, and join us on Facebook to stay up to date.

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