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February 08, 2013

Facebook Feedback Friday: the best pizza in Cape Town

Photo courtesy of posticino.co.za

Yesterday evening we asked people who like the I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page: "Which restaurant serves the best pizza in Cape Town?" It generated a fierce debate, with hundreds of comments from our Facebook fans, but Posticino in Sea Point came out on tops, with the Col'Cacchio pizzeria franchise another very popular choice. Other places frequently mentioned included Borruso's in Kenilworth, and Ashley's Restaurant in Goodwood.

Check out a selection of their verbatim comments below:

Stuart-Lloyd Alderson: Posticino. No contest. Morituri isn't bad either. But Posticino is first prize.

Aldo Serci: I'm Italian, and i think the best pizza for me is Nonna Lina, but don't forget everyone has their own taste for pizza.

Alan Wagenaar: Pizza time in gatesville beats all pizza place's hands down

Lars Rosencrantz: Blue Peters, blouberstrand. Preferably with a cold beer on the lawn after a surf at big bay!

Nic Robertson: burrata, old biscuit mill – this was already voted on last year by some foodies including JP Rossouw, and have to agree – they are the only place that i have been to that make proper authentic pizzas

Claire Chivell: Brass Bell in Kalk Bay and Red Herring in Noordhoek

Gerard Bergstedt: You have not lived untill you've had a pizza from, Borruso's, in, Kenilworth, or, Rondebosch!

Keenan Ryan Syster: ASHLEY'S Family restaurant Hands down..

Roxi Newham-Blake: Casareccio in Hout Bay and Bardelli's in Town!

Debbie Hawtrey: Brugell's in Little Mowbray. Thin, crunchy base – delish!

Matthew Dylan Smith: The Brass bell in kalk bay hands down the best pizza's in cape town. The pizza's on the beach are even better. Just saying.

And if all that talk of delicious pizza is getting to you, you're not alone ...

Raschid Appoles: And now I'm so hungry, I'm heading straight for Posticino's now!

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