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March 15, 2013

Facebook Feedback Friday: The best annual event in Cape Town

Tweede Nuwe Jaar (Second New Year) in Cape Town. Photo by Lynnette Johns

Yesterday evening we asked people who like the I ♥ Cape Town Facebook page: "What is the best annual event in Cape Town?"

With so many to choose from, the comments were bound to be interesting! We have included a selection of responses below, in an attempt to showcase the mix of sport, music, trade and entertainment events that Cape Town regularly plays host to:

Mzukisi Peter Fana Cape Town Jazz Festival!!! Which I will be going to :''''D!!

Peter ZumbaMan Klipfel Cape Town carnival – next best to Rio Carnival on 16th March – FANWALK

Anton Meiring Cape Argus and Cape Epic

Dianne Schmidt Steenkamer Two Oceans Half Marathon. Look forward to running it every year

Sean Trivass J & B Met races by a mile!

Anco Henning MCQP for straight and gay actually, one hell of an event!

Steph Stickels Teixeira Good food and wine show :)

Brunicia Thomas Cape town Pride Festival. The annual switch on of the Lights. The Minstrels 2de Nuwe Jaar. And Cape Town Jazz Festival:-)

Laurina Steele Taste of Cape Town, Cape Argus Cycle Race, Cape Town Carnival, Tweede Nuwe Jaar, Two Oceans, Cape Town Jazz Festival, Moonstruck, K'Day, J & B Met, Art in the city, MCQP, Olive Festivals, Whisky Festival, the annual walks for charity and so much more, which is why visitors keep coming back!!! All we need is an Annual Rock and Blues Festival held at CTICC and it would be perfect! Keep up the great work!

Chadd Pretorius Cape Town Festival of Beer, V&A Waterfront Wine Affair, FNB Whiskey Live Festival, International Jazz Festival, Stellenbosch Wine Festival, and so much more!

Faye Clarke Moonstruck at Clifton.

Scott James Pearson Rocking the daisies

Heather Bawden The SPCA Wıggle Waggle

Shirley Bisschoff Design Indaba, but there is so so much more!

Final words

Laura Tudge Good question, but I can't help answering, "every day is the best annual event." So grateful to live here

Anna Rachel Maraj Cape Town doesn't need any annual event 'cos it is the destination that rocks – anytime, anywhere

Cape Town's events calendar is jam-packed with exciting activities for the whole family! Get in touch with us to plan your next holiday here. And don't forget to like us on Facebook and join the conversation.

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